Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord PSVR2

PSVR2 experience Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord is being treated to its first major update today that patches in a number of quality-of-life features and a new mode named Heist & Seek. If you own the season pass in addition to the base game, there are the new Keymaster and Gator skins to grab now also.

The new Heist & Seek game mode is the biggest addition in this post-launch update; it lets PSVR2 users "join forces to capture three bank-robbing ghost brothers. Follow the brothers through various gold piles while battling golden ghosts and competing to collect the most loot". As for the patch addressing the overall title, a check mark now notifies you of what missions you've completed on the associated table.

nDreams has then responded to player feedback by fixing the number of jobs displayed on the HQ monitor, addressing issues surrounding firing the proton wand, and squashing bugs and improving performance. As well as today's major update, more free content is planned for the game before the year is out, and then more will follow in 2024.