Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord has you take up the role of San Fransisco's newest addition to the Ghostbusters crew. Its fluid, intuitive, and satisfying controls create an enjoyable and immersive experience that will hook fans of the supernatural series, even when the action becomes ever-so-slightly repetitive.

Rise of the Ghost Lord provides the complete ghost-busting package, allowing you full control of finding, zapping, and trapping the ghosts you encounter. The capturing mechanics encapsulate the feeling and flow of being a proper Ghostbuster; the satisfying physics of the Proton beam and the amazingly animated effects of the trap come together perfectly, offering a mechanically sound replication of the hit movies. We'd argue that there's never been a better way to 'be' a 'buster. The game uses a cartoon art style, making the ghosts reminiscent of those seen in the 1980s cartoon show The Real Ghostbusters.

Teamwork is essential in each mission, and while you can play solo with computer-controlled partners, it's much better to group up with other humans. Teammates can revive you after you are "slimed" and out of the battle; this reviving mechanic comes in very handy during stressful situations and challenging missions.

One criticism of the game is that it lacks content and can feel repetitive after a couple of play sessions – and while additional modes have been added since launch to remedy this problem, they don't totally solve it. New content is expected this year which may go further in fixing the experience, but for now, repetition is easily one of the Ghost Lord's biggest weaknesses.

In summary, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord encapsulates what it feels like to be a Ghostbuster but seems to be aimed at the younger audience, and may therefore feel a little underwhelming to hardcore gamers. Having said that, it's still a fantastic addition to the wider franchise, and with updates just around the corner, things could become even more interesting.