PS5 Twitter Elon Musk Push Square

Sony is set to turn off Twitter integration on its PS5 and PS4 systems next week, but it's possible site owner Elon Musk may step in and try to stop the move. In response to a Twitter news coverage profile complaining about the decision — which has already taken effect on Xbox consoles — he said: "I will look into this." The SpaceX, Tesla face says a lot of things on the social media site so whether something actually comes of it is up in the air, but Musk is aware of Sony's decision.

Once integration with Twitter is disabled on Monday, 13th November 2023, PS5 and PS4 owners will no longer have the ability to upload captured screenshots and videos directly from their consoles. Workarounds include using the PS App on your smartphone, or transferring your pictures and clips to a USB stick and then uploading them to Twitter via a PC.

The alert sent out to PS5, PS4 users said: "As of November 13, 2023, integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) will no longer function on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. This includes the ability to view any content published on X on PS5/PS4, and the ability to post and view content, trophies, and other gameplay related activities on X directly from PS5/PS4 (or link an X account to do so)."

It'll be interesting to see how Sony handles and updates the PS5 Profile features henceforth, as your Twitter uploads are built into a section at the bottom. That is unless Elon Musk finds a way to talk Sony out of it, of course.