PS Plus Black Friday
Image: Push Square

Sony has outlined its plans for Black Friday, confirming that there'll be a whole range of discounts going live in the near future. This includes price cuts on its own PlayStation Direct website, as well as at participating retailers. However, details on what the deals will actually entail are light at the time of writing.

So right now, it's the PS Plus discounts that are worth spotlighting. Starting on the 17th November, through to the 27th November, you'll be able to subscribe to Sony's service at a noticeably lower price.

You'll be able to snag up to 30% off 12-month subs, but it's unclear whether this only applies to newcomers or whether it'll be possible to get a discount on extending your plan. Meanwhile, existing subscribers can shave 25% off upgrading their current PS Plus membership to PS Plus Extra, or 30% off PS Plus Premium.

Needless to say, if you've been thinking about subscribing or upgrading, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal anytime soon. For example, a PS Plus Essential sub will set you back £59.99 a year, but this Black Friday discount will knock a decent £18 off.

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