Teardown PS5

Sony is set to announce the line-up of PS5, PS4, and Classic games heading to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium for this month in a few hours, but you can already start downloading and playing one of them: Teardown. The voxel-based title themed all about destruction is a day one release with PS Plus Extra on PS5, and it's available to claim on the PS Store now.

Members will gain access to the base game, with a Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition also available. If you like what you play today, there's a season pass on offer and a free DLC pack containing user mods like a dog companion, an Oak Village, a vacuum cleaner, and a Hook Shotgun.

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Our Teardown PS5 review was published just yesterday, where we shared praise for its enjoyment factor, physics and deformation elements, and map variety. Having landed on an 8/10 rating, we concluded: "Blowing stuff up is fun, and Teardown gets that. Its varied voxel environments combine with nuanced physics and deformation systems to make levelling buildings, eviscerating vehicles, and orchestrating massive explosions a thrill."

Stay tuned for the full PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium line-up for this month in a few hours time. Will you be giving Teardown a go? Don't ruin the foundations in the comments below.