PS Plus Essential December 2023 1

Sony has today announced the three PS5, PS4 games PS Plus Essential members can look forward to downloading and playing for the month of December 2023. Available from Tuesday, 5th December 2023, they are as follows:

LEGO 2K Drive is seen as the headline addition for December 2023, which will be available for both PS5 and PS4 subscribers. If you can ignore the microtransactions, the racer provides a fun experience with satisfying driving and a varied sandbox map.

In our LEGO 2K Drive PS5 review, we awarded the game a 7/10 and concluded: "Whether you're a fan of LEGO, arcade racing, or both, this game comes highly recommended from us, with the unfortunate caveat that it also features pretty aggressive monetisation. Tactile open worlds have a decent amount to discover, the Story mode strikes the perfect tone, and the driving itself is great fun."

As for PowerWash Simulator, much has already been made of the surprisingly fun, relaxing experience it has to offer as you give buildings and environments a good scrub. Since release, it's been updated with SpongeBob Squarepants, Back to the Future, and Final Fantasy VII-themed content. "This is a video game, and once you've cleaned something, it goes 'ding' and makes you feel really good," we said."

Finally, the month is rounded out by Sable, a really stylish PS5 indie title all about going on a pilgrimage aboard a hoverbike. We shared praise for its beautiful art style, characters, and fun-to-explore environments in a Sable PS5 review.

What do you think of this latest PS Plus Essential line-up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.