Only Sony Will Allow Crazy PS5, PS4 Indie Horror Christmas Massacre 1

Sony is the only console manufacturer crazy enough to allow PS1-inspired alt-horror Christmas Massacre to release on its systems, according to infamous developer Puppet Combo. The oddball outing – which appears to allow you to play as a murderous Santa Claus – has been dubbed “too crazy” for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

This is surprising, because PlayStation has earned itself a reputation for being heavy on censorship and far too safe. Some hardcore fans have taken issue with the Japanese giant’s certification process, which has seen some overly sexual scenes altered. The company doesn’t appear to take too much of an issue with violence, however, as evidenced by first-party titles like The Last of Us: Part 2.

However, Puppet Combo has released titles on all systems before, such as Nun Massacre, so it’s unclear why Christmas Massacre has only been given the greenlight on PS5 and PS4. We can’t help but wonder whether the increased exposure will prompt PlayStation to give the game a closer look, but for now, it’s scheduled to release on 17th November for Sony’s systems.

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