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Naughty Dog has announced that head of technology Christian Gyrling is leaving the Kennel after an impressive 17-year career. Gyrling began work at the studio as a programmer on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, eventually serving as studio vice president in 2020 and being appointed head of technology earlier this year.

The studio, variously known as the Kennel or the Dog House in keeping with the canine theming, thanked Gyrling for his nearly two-decade-long service, wishing him "the best of luck on where his path leads next". Travis Mcintosh will succeed him as Naughty Dog's new head of technology.

Gyrling has the kind of resume most developers would gladly trade a limb for, and we have no doubt he would have little trouble finding employment elsewhere, should he seek it. This is purely speculation on our part, but if we had to guess why a talented, valued, lifelong company employee would choose to leave a perch like Naughty Dog, it'd be for a passion project, probably their own.

That said, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing at the studio recently, either. Reports of contractors quietly being canned, higher-profile layoffs, and the apparent limbo in which this Last of Us multiplayer project currently exists don't align with the picture of a happy development family. Whatever the case, we wish Gyrling all the very best.

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