Game Director of The Last of Us' PS5 Multiplayer Project Says He's Still Working on It 1

We’ve been expecting Naughty Dog to officially pull the plug on The Last of Us’ online multiplayer project any moment now, but apparently it does still have a small team dedicated to incubating the idea. And the project’s Game Director, who previously hadn’t tweeted since the end of August, has provided a small update.

As part of a couple of posts about Super Mario Wonder, Vinit Agarwal teased: “Yes, I’m still working on that game.” The Game Director had previously been super enthusiastic about the project, describing it as one of the Californian developer’s “biggest efforts ever” and “a dream”. But earlier in the year, reports emerged that development had been scaled back, after fellow first-party studio Bungie had questioned whether the release would keep players engaged.

It’s unclear how many people are working on the game right now, and what kind of launch timeline it’s aiming to follow. In October, it was suggested that the project is “basically on ice”, but it sounds like Agarwal remains committed to it. Of course, it’s all just speculation until Naughty Dog actually comes out and publicly clarifies the situation.