Hitman Maker's New James Bond Game Will Be PS5's Ultimate Spycraft Fantasy 1

It’s been a while since we heard word of Project 007, the upcoming original James Bond escapade developed by Hitman maker IO Interactive. As part of a sprawling feature in EDGE magazine, however, CEO Hakan Abran has shared the first tidbit about the anticipated title, describing it as the “ultimate spycraft fantasy”.

The magazine quotes: “It's been pitched as 'the ultimate spycraft fantasy', which suggests gadgets –and perhaps a step away from the murderous objectives of Agent 47.” And it adds: “The few other breadcrumbs we're able to pick up in the office suggest a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman’s freeform jaunts.”

It’s not much to go on for now, with the title obviously years away. But we’d be disappointed if the release did away with the sandbox gameplay of Hitman; we reckon James Bond should translate perfectly to the blackbox mission format, with multiple ways of solving the same problem available. Add in the abovementioned gizmos, and there’s tons of potential here.

IO Interactive is keeping itself pretty busy right now, as in addition to continued development of its Hitman game – which received an all-new mission recently – it’s also building an online fantasy RPG, although this is expected to be published by Microsoft and exclusive to Xbox platforms. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for our first look at its James Bond title, though – it’s right at the top of our most wanted list.

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