Hitman to Add First New Elusive Target in Over Two Years on PS5, PS4 1

Hitman: World of Assassination, the compiled stealth sandbox trilogy from IO Interactive, will receive its first new Elusive Target on PS5 and PS4 in over two years soon. Starring real-life DJ Dimitri Vegas, the mission – named The Drop – will feature his likeness and voiceover work. We’re going to assume this one will take place in Berlin due to its nightclub theme, but that’s our own personal speculation.

“The new mission was announced during a surprise interruption to Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s set at Tomorrowland 2023 on 30th July, the largest and most popular electronic dance music festival in the world,” a press release explained. Vegas added that he was “extremely excited” to officially be a part of the Hitman universe.

Elusive Targets are time-limited missions set in existing stages which require unique approaches and tactics to fulfil. In recent years, IO Interactive has made it so that the Elusive Targets can be played at any time as part of the Elusive Target Arcade, and we suspect this new contract starring Vegas will eventually be added to that.