While there’s a lot to look forward to in Gran Turismo 7’s free Spec II patch, available on PS5 later today, it’s the introduction of Polyphony Digital’s innovative GT Sophy technology that could prove to be a true game changer. This ground-breaking code uses machine learning in order to imitate the actions of human drivers, and it’ll be available in the full game across nine tracks and 340 cars from today.

Following a beta trial earlier in the year, one of the features that the developer has added is the option to scale the difficulty, ensuring an authentic experience for all abilities. The Japanese studio was previously concerned that the AI may be too difficulty to beat, but this scalability should provide a competitive experience for everyone to enjoy.

For decades now, one of the chief criticisms aimed at the Gran Turismo franchise has been its simplistic AI; many felt that rival cars simply followed the racing line in previous releases, resulting in dreary races. This new technology, however, will transform that, as the computer-controlled drivers will now behave with real emotion, making races much more engaging overall.

Will you be testing this feature out once it becomes available? Follow the racing line diligently into the comments section below.

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