Blizzard announced over the weekend as part of BlizzCon 2023 that the first major expansion for Diablo 4 will be called Vessel of Hatred, and launches for PS5 and PS4 at the end of next year. As shown in the trailer above, the DLC will take players back to the jungle setting of Nahantu from Diablo 2. Check it out above.

Following on from the events of the base game, the expansion is set to "continue the dark tale that began in Diablo as we learn the fate of the Prime Evil Mephisto and his demonic plans for Sanctuary". There will be a new playable class that's brand new to the franchise as well as "new ways to play" and "new evils to vanquish".

Before then, though, the PS5, PS4 game will be updated during its third season with a new type of weekly challenge dungeon called The Gauntlet. You'll be competing with other players for a class ranking, and those who do best will appear in the Seasonal Hall of the Ancients. Also, on 12th December 2023, the seasonal Midwinter Blight event begins, inviting you to "the snow-laden, winter terror-land of Fractured Peaks" where "a mysterious, red-cloaked terror" awaits.

Have you been keeping up with Diablo 4 since its release in the summer? Are you looking forward to this first, proper DLC for the title? Share your first impressions in the comments below.