Embracer Collapse Continues, with TimeSplitters Dev Allegedly Next on the Chopping Block 1

Embracer’s well-documented collapse looks poised to claim another casualty, with VGC reporting the re-established TimeSplitters dev Free Radical could be next on the chopping block. As you may already know, the Swedish firm went on a massive acquisition spree for several years, but a collapsed contract has caused it to restructure its entire organisation, with subsidiaries like Saints Row’s Volition shuttered as a consequence.

And it sounds like the UK-based Free Radical could be next, with sources saying it’s under threat, and multiple employees actively seeking employment on social media in the last 24 hours. This comes just two years after the team was re-established, under the leadership of original founders Steve Ellis and David Doak, with the intention of bringing the legendary TimeSplitters IP back to life.

Obviously, it’s possible the studio may still survive, and parent company Plaion – the Embracer subdivision under which Free Radical sits – is yet to comment on the situation. But considering how bleak the outlook appears to be within Embracer right now, that feels more like wishful thinking than anything else.

[source videogameschronicle.com]