Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PS5 PlayStation

Ubisoft's Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is out fairly imminently, arriving on PS5 on 7th December. As a canon part of James Cameron's larger universe, an intriguing aspect fans can look forward to is the new creatures, characters, and storylines, which are already influencing other Avatar projects.

Speaking to IGN, Massive Entertainment director Magnus Jansén explains that everything in the game's newly created Western Frontier region, from plants to Na'vi clans, is now Avatar lore: "The Western Frontier is no less a part of the world of Avatar than what's in the movies." Jansén says that one of their creations is already being featured in an Avatar exhibition, but most exciting of all, he reveals that "there is already some talk about maybe using some of the stuff that we did in the upcoming movies"

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Lightstorm Entertainment is the studio responsible for the Avatar films, and producer Jon Landau elaborated: “I think clans are a perfect thing to someday try to weave into the movies. But down the road after that, new environments. Going and really saying, ‘Okay, let's now take what you did in the video game and explore that in the movie." Three new Na'vi clans are being introduced in Frontiers of Pandora, the Aranahe, Zeswa, and Kame'tire.

Joshua Izzo, Lightstorm VP of franchise development, went one further, teasing: “I can say that there are going to be some future sequel elements in Frontiers of Pandora that will pay off when the movie comes out when Avatar 3 comes out in 2025. Careful Avatar fans who have played the game will want to go back and maybe revisit certain things because it will be revealed to them in '25.”

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