Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora isn’t out yet, but Ubisoft is eager to show you the content it’s got in the pipeline for post-release. To be fair to the publisher, the game’s two story packs are clearly still early in development, as it’s chosen to demonstrate them using animated concept art in this trailer. The first pack, The Sky Breaker, will launch next summer – while the second, Secrets of the Spires, is due in Fall 2024.

The latter sounds like the more ambitious of the two, as it’ll add an entire new region to the open world. “Face a mysterious shadow in the Sky Breaker story pack,” the official blurb explains. “Engage in epic aerial battles as you discover the secret of the new canyon region in the Secrets of the Spires story pack!”

Those of you planning to purchase the Season Pass at launch will also nab the Familiar Echoes bonus quest, which will be available day one, as well as some additional in-game cosmetics. Ubisoft is generally very good at supporting its games post-release, and this looks like another example of that – but obviously it’s weird seeing so much DLC prior to the title’s actual release.

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