If you loved Korean developer Round8’s twisted Souls-like take on the fairy tale Pinocchio, then you’ll probably be itching for more Lies of P, eh? Fortunately, that’s exactly what the developer has planned in the form of DLC, as previously announced and now teased in this developer update. While there’s no gameplay just yet, the studio showed off some early concept artwork, showing the protagonist on the deck of a boat amid choppy waters.

In addition to the new DLC, the developer is also working on a major update, scheduled to deploy later this month. This will significantly rebalance the game, smoothing out the difficulty in the early stages of the campaign. In addition, the studio’s plotting a free outfit to reward fans for the title’s stronger than expected sales, which topped one million units within its first month. Furthermore, “a new feature to equip glasses and hats separately” promises even greater character customisation.

We were seriously impressed with Lies of P when we reviewed it earlier in the year. “By fully embracing its dark take on the Pinocchio story, it sets itself apart from anything else available,” we wrote in our 8/10 report. “Elevating it above other games are quality combat and extensive, satisfying customisation, turning Lies of P into a first-class experience for FromSoftware fanatics.”

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