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There are no extended noses here: acclaimed Souls-like Lies of P’s sales have topped one million units worldwide, a little under a month after the title’s debut. It’s important to underline that this figure only includes copies sold, and is not bundling in Xbox Game Pass downloads. As such, it’s a pretty impressive achievement for a new, relatively unknown developer.

Neowiz co-CEO Seungchul Kim admitted as much in a statement: “This incredible milestone for Lies of P proves the potential of Korean console games on the global stage. The Lies of P project was a challenging endeavor for Neowiz and Round8 Studio and we take great pride in what we achieved with this title.”

The game’s director, Jiwon Choi, was understandably chuffed, too: “The reception has been incredible so far, and we are beyond thankful that over one million players have already embarked on their journey through Krat. Likewise, we are excited for what the future holds for Lies of P, and can’t wait to share more when the time is right.”

To be fair, the game thoroughly deserves its success, as we described it as a “first-class experience” in our Lies of P PS5 review: “Lies of P feels like the result of a developer having already taken multiple stabs at the Souls-like genre, so it's impressive that Round8 Studio has accomplished so much on its first attempt.”