Announced back in June, People Can Fly is bringing its fan favourite shooter to virtual reality in Bulletstorm VR. Unfortunately, it'll be a little bit longer of a wait than we were expecting — the PSVR2 game has been pushed back to 18th January, 2024.

The news came recently via a short statement on social media:

Bulletstorm VR's delay allows the team to continue improving the experience" to ensure it "lives up to the high standards you've come to expect from the well-known AAA FPS franchise and People Can Fly as a developer of high-quality AAA games".

It concludes: "We are incredibly thankful to our fans for their support and passion surrounding the Bulletstorm series and deeply appreciate everyone's patience."

The game was initially scheduled for 14th December, so the silver lining is it's only an extra month to wait. Are you excited to play Bulletstorm VR when it arrives? Reload in the comments section below.

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