Bulletstorm PSVR2 PS5 PlayStation 1

The rapid PS3 first-person shooter Bulletstorm will be bringing its distinct combat style to PSVR2, after being officially announced for Meta Quest 2 during a livestream earlier today. The original, developed by People Can Fly, launched in 2011 on the PS3 – and you can find our original review through here if you dare exploring our archives.

Of course, it was later revived for PS4 as part of a remaster with expanded mechanics and the inclusion of Duke Nukem. Despite being a traditional FPS at first glance, this release shares more in common with arcade games, as it’s got a fun scoring system that rewards you for taking out your foes as stylishly as possible.

This appears to be the complete game for PSVR2, so don’t expect many compromises in terms of gameplay – in fact, the breakneck feel of the combat is likely to be elevated exponentially in virtual reality. There’s no release date just yet, but we imagine this will deploy later this year.

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