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Post-apocalyptic CRPG Broken Roads has been hit with a surprisingly late delay, mere days away from launch and review code already in critics' hands. Due out on 13th November, Australian indie studio Drop Bear Bytes announced the news on Twitter so suddenly that, at the time of writing, the game's Steam page was still not updated.

Broken Roads is now targeting a launch in early 2024 to allow for additional polish. And while the game is "content complete", the game has grown in scope, so much so that additional resources need to be focused on QA and further bug testing. The developer explains that Broken Roads is now "coming in longer than we originally anticipated at around 30 hours of gameplay and nearly 400,000 words of dialogue".

Curiouser, some outlets, like IGN, were in the process of reviewing the game, and delays after codes have already gone out are not something you see very often. We can't imagine those reviews will be published now, but we'd be incredibly eager to read them.

What do you think of this eleventh-hour rescheduling? Will Broken Roads be all right, or are Drop Bear Bytes dreamin'? Let us know in the comments section below.

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