Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is widely considered to be one of the best RPGs of the past few years — probably even more so when you dig into its sub-genre of computer RPGs. The problem is there aren't too many games like it on consoles, but that's about to change on PS5, PS4 with a new title named Broken Roads hitting the two systems in 2023.

A new trailer has been released confirming the ports, which also hints at the type of experience it is. "Broken Roads transports you to a ravaged future in a story of survival, introspection and community, putting you in an intriguing post-apocalyptic world you can explore and lose yourself in as you face danger, overcome challenges and form part of a deep, mature story," the YouTube description reads.

The game's Steam page shares many more details: a "unique" morality system affects dialogue, quests, and character development. Taking inspiration from its homeland, Drop Bear Bytes has crafted a world full of Australian environments and locations. You'll explore these places with a party of up to five, and turn-based tactical combat is on hand when you get into an argument.

"Born of a love for traditional computer role-playing, Broken Roads provides a rich, engaging narrative in which players make their way across a desolated future Australia. Blending together traditional and all-new role-playing elements on top of a classless system offering nearly unlimited character development options, Broken Roads presents players with an original morality system: the Moral Compass. This novel design sees dialogue options and questing decisions influence, and be influenced by, a character's philosophical leaning."

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