Baldur's Gate 3's sex speedrunning scene is quite niche, but there's just something so compelling about the endless quest to woo companion characters as quickly as possible. Recently, a patch made romancing Lae'Zel more difficult, which rocked the small community, specifically those aiming for the broader Sex% category.

Our hero, Weedmoder, however, hunts a rarer game. The inevitable Bear% category requires players to romance the companion Halsine and reach that infamous scene that got developer Larian Studios briefly banned from TikTok. Weedmoder says (thanks VG247): "The goal is to complete Halsin’s romance questline. His romance questline is very long, requiring you to go to Act 3 and do a lot of extra stuff.”

It was only natural, then, that players would compete, racing to reach the infamous ursine sex scene in as short a time as possible, and the bar Weedmoder has set rests, currently, at 50 minutes and 30 seconds. It's an impressive feat, to be sure, but we don't doubt that this is only the very beginning.

Do you have any interest in competing in this sordid contest? Do you have what it takes to go all the way? Let us know in the comments section below.

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