An Amazing Number of Players Have Marvel's Spider-Man 2's Platinum Trophy 1
Image: Push Square

It's something we've seen several times over at this point, but Sony has found a real knack for compiling Trophy lists that players want to conquer. With many of its first-party titles, the percentage of players who have bothered to unlock the Platinum Trophy skews higher than comparable third-party games. However, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has taken things up a notch.

According to current Trophy data, 20.3 per cent of players have earned the sequel's Platinum gong. Of all the players who have booted up the game, just over a fifth of them have gone on to complete the full Trophy list. That's an incredibly high completion rate for a game like this.

Over half of players have completed the main story — 58 per cent to be precise — which, again, is unusually high, but for a fifth of all players to stick around and complete all the districts and side content too is pretty astounding.

Now, this won't include players who don't have their consoles online, so it's not flawless information. And obviously, not everyone buys everything, so comparisons to other games are only so useful. Still, a 20 per cent rate for the Plat is ridiculously high. As far as we can tell, the next highest first-party Platinum rate is for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which is currently at 12 per cent.

It's great news for Sony and Insomniac because it means players have genuinely loved playing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and have felt compelled to see and do everything. 20.3 per cent is a Platinum earn rate most major games can only dream of.

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