Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Soars Ever Higher, Clears 5 Million Sales Milestone 1

The Ace Combat series is not the most well-known name in video games, but the latest game has flown further than any of its predecessors. As we approach its fifth anniversary, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has just reached a new sales milestone — it's now topped 5 million units sold.

Bandai Namco's fighter jet action game has been the best-selling entry in the series for a good while, and it's proving to have a very long tail. It was about this time last year that the publisher revealed it had crossed over 4 million sales; another million in 12 months ain't bad for a niche game that's getting on a bit.

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The game was warmly received by critics and fans alike, and Bamco kept it updated post-launch, most notably with a collab with Top Gun: Maverick. Nowadays, fans are really hoping the success of Skies Unknown will mean an Ace Combat 8 is in the works. We certainly hope so, too.

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