Next Trails Game

Falcom's latest financial report reveals that a new Trails title is set to release before September 2024. It's highly likely that it'll end up being the third game in the series' latest saga, following on from Kuro no Kiseki and Kuro no Kiseki 2: Crimson Sin. The latter hit Japan in 2022, as Falcom focused on Ys X: Nordics this year.

The thing is, we're still waiting on all three of those games here in the west — although things are at least in motion. Kuro no Kiseki is being localised as Trails through Daybreak in summer 2024, and there's hope that its sequel, Crimson Sin, won't be too far behind.

In any case, the franchise's western publisher, NIS America, is going to be kept busy. The company's done an admirable job of getting fans caught up on Falcom's huge series, localising Cold Steel 3, Cold Steel 4, Zero, Azure, and Reverie over the course of just a few years — but it does feel like a bit of a never-ending struggle at this point.

Are you looking forward to Daybreak dropping next year? And do you have high hopes for the Trails games going forward? Prepare to avoid spoilers for yet another new title in the comments section below.

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