Atari 50 PS5 PS4

A bonus 12 Atari 2600 games will be added to PS5, PS4 compilation Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration in an update arriving on 5th December 2023. The free patch is just the first in a series of updates planned that will add more classic titles to the experience we named one of 2022's Best PS5, PS4 Remake, Remaster, or Re-Releases.

Atari will name all 12 games on the way next week, but for now, you can try and work out what a few are using the emoji teasers in the tweet below. The list will include "officially released titles to player-powered homebrews, to once-lost Atari prototypes".

After its recent acquisition of developer Digital Eclipse, more post-launch updates for Atari 50 "will expand the title’s repertoire with more games, concept art, and additional behind-the-scenes interviews with industry legends".

In our Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration PS5 review, we praised the lovingly crafted collection for its museum-like presentation, neat interface, and fantastic emulation. "While many of the included games may border on unplayable from a modern perspective, the painstaking attention to detail in Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration is extremely easy to appreciate. The museum-like carousel of content, from interviews through to original artwork, is presented so handsomely that you can’t not get swept up in Atari’s dramatic story."

What do you hope to see added to the collection? Post your wishlist in the comments below.