11 PS5, PS4 Games Are Leaving PS Plus Extra in December 2023 1
Image: Push Square

Each month, Sony adds a bundle of new PS5 and PS4 games to PS Plus Extra and Premium, but a handful of titles leave the service too. In December, a total of 11 games are heading out the door, meaning there's not a lot of time left to play these via your subscription.

On 19th December 2023, the following PS5 and PS4 games will leave PS Plus Extra's game catalogue:

While a few of these are lesser known titles, there are also a few familiar names in there. The two Yakuza games, the Middle-earth action titles, and maybe The Escapists 2 are among those exiting next month, and many of those are pretty long. If you've yet to play them via PS Plus, you have just a few weeks to do so before they'll be back on sale as normal.

Meanwhile, November's PS Plus Extra and Premium selection was recently added, and so the circle of life continues.

Are any of the above games on your list to check out before they leave PS Plus? Tell us in the comments section below.

[source playstationlifestyle.net]