PS5 DualSense Wireless Earbud Charging 1
Image: Push Square

A new PlayStation patent, spotted and shared by GameRant, may be alluding to the possibility of a new PS5 controller with wireless earbud charging functionality. Sony, of course, intends to release its own PlayStation-branded wireless earbuds in the near future, and while they’ll ship with their own charging case like similar competitive products, its patent showcases a scenario whereby the headphones could be inserted into a slot around the touchpad for pairing and power.

It’s perhaps worth underlining at this point that PlayStation patents a lot of products, and it’s rare for them to ever enter full production. Given the criticism surrounding the short battery life of the DualSense controller, it’d honestly be unexpected for it to implement this sort of functionality in the near future. However, it would be an elegant solution for the wireless earbuds, which are likely to represent a convenient audio solution for most players moving forwards.

Sony’s already announced a new wireless audio standard named PlayStation Link, which will work in conjunction with its new wireless headsets to deliver “lossless, low-latency audio”. Therefore, we can probably expect more innovations in this space, and having wireless earbud charging slots built into a future PS5 controller doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility from where we’re sitting.