PS5 Slim

The PS5 'Slim' is expected to launch in the very near future — the 8th November if the most recent report is to be believed — and now, the new model has been spotted out there, somewhere in the real world. A picture of a Modern Warfare 3 PS5 bundle has surfaced on social media, and it quite clearly features the recently revealed 'Slim' console.

It's a bit mad to think that there's still no official release date for this thing, but then it feels like all of the marketing so far has been very muted. As we've mentioned before, this revised system is being treated as a replacement for the existing PS5 models — and not some kind of evolution.

In any case, if the 'Slim' is showing up on store shelves, then a confirmed launch date can't be far away. Don't be surprised if Sony wheels one out within the next week or so.

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