If you wanted more space to get away with murder, Among Us just got a new map called The Fungle in a free update, and it's out now on PS5 and PS4. The Fungle is the first new map for the mega-popular murder simulator since March 2021.

As the name implies, the Crewmates are in for a whole new world of hurt after crashlanding on a mysterious, mushroom-populated island with all kinds of hazardous flora.

Developer Innersloth describes The Fungal thusly:

  • 🌴 Explore The Fungle: Made up of sandy beaches, mushroom jungles, and cliffs, there's lots to discover here! The beach is a vast open space that gives Impostors plenty of chances to find someone alone, while the highlands give Crewmates at a higher elevation more vision than those below. Watch out!!
  • 🎣 All new tasks: Play frisbee, fish, roast marshmallows, lift weights, and more!
  • 🍄 New sabotage: The Mushroom Mixup sabotage swaps everyone's colour and cosmetics, making it the perfect time for Impostors to kill without being discovered. Careful, though – it only lasts for a limited amount of time.

The patch notes for update v2023.10.24, which primarily concerns PC players but benefits all thanks to full crossplay, are as follows:

    • Chat box will be selected when opening it in Free Chat – no more needing to click and then type!
    • Tweaks to audio files, which should reduce load times on lower-end devices
    • The Airship and The Fungle will take an extra 5 seconds to load so lower-end devices can get all needed assets
    • Pets of dead players will no longer sit idle – they'll go back to being heartbroken that you're dead
    • Guardian Angels can no longer protect Crewmates during Comms Sabotage
    • When creating or finding a game, the Impostor count no longer defaults to 3

Have you noticed anyone acting suss? Will you be checking out The Fungal? Avoid detection in the comments section below.

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