If you thought the regular version of Among Us could get intense, Among Us VR looks to be adding a whole new dimension. This virtual reality version of the hit game is coming to PSVR2 "soon", setting you back $9.99 / £9.99.

Essentially, this is the same game we all know and love, only played in a first-person perspective and, presumably, much scarier when an imposter sneaks up on you for a kill. Featuring new team tasks for virtual reality, all the hallmarks of the flat screen version are included — imposters vs. crewmates, proximity chat, emergency meetings, and so on — just from a more immersive perspective.

If all the gameplay has been translated over to VR well, this could be a great experience. We'll need to sit tight for a release date, but it's great that this is coming to PSVR2 in the near future. There's a little more info on the PS Blog, if you fancy.

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