Square Enix Collective, the publisher's indie-focused label, will be dropping Little Goody Two Shoes on PS5 this Halloween. The 'horror narrative adventure' title boasts an eye-catching 90s anime art style, although the game itself is filled with lovingly crafted sprites. Honestly, this one's got potential.

"One day, Elise discovers a pair of beautiful shiny red shoes buried in her backyard – what a surprise! Bewitched, Elise embarks on a fearful journey that pulls her closer and closer into the heart of the mysterious Woods!" reads the official description. It goes on to stress that player choice is all-important here, with the game boasting ten different endings based on your actions.

Don't let those cutesy visuals fool you, either. The title's pinned with a 'mature content' tag on Steam, which explains: "The game features non-sexual nudity, gore (both animal and human stylized body horror), depictions of violence, surreal and paranormal horror themes."

Think you might give Little Goody Two Shoes a shot this Halloween? Don't let looks deceive you in the comments section below.

[source nintendolife.com]