The first thing you'll probably notice when booting up Little Goody Two Shoes for the first time is its distinct art style. If you grew up watching 90s anime such as Sailor Moon or the original Pokémon series, the game does an excellent job at lovingly recreating that specific vibe in its presentation, narrative, and overall atmosphere. Although it does share a lot of similarities with other titles, specifically games such as Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Persona to some extent, Little Goody Two Shoes does enough to set itself apart in the life-simulation genre.

The adventure starts off pretty straightforward. You take on the role of Elise, a young woman who dreams of becoming filthy rich. Despite this stereotypical dream, the game plays around with some mature themes regarding Elise's personality, as she struggles to accept where she came from, and acts differently when around others. However, before long the menial day-to-day life that Elise has known for a while is usurped, and she's sent on an adventure through the woods filled with horrors. It does take a while to get going — earlier sections can start to feel tiresome — and the pacing can feel a little iffy on some occasions.

Similar to other life-sims, a huge part of the game focuses on Elise's daily activities. For instance, one moment you might be required to help someone manage their chickens, while another might see you going out on a romantic date. In contrast, you then have the night-time component of the adventure, which is where you take Elise further into the woods to discover answers. We feel it best not to spoil these particular sections as it's in the player's best interest to discover these for themselves.

Like with any game with life-sim elements, Little Goody Two Shoes does start to become repetitive, especially in the daytime sections. Doing the same menial tasks repeatedly can be a chore, though it does pay off when you get to advance the story forward.

In short, Little Goody Two Shoes is an excellent life-sim adventure with some intriguing elements of horror sprinkled throughout. If you want to play a different take on this well-established genre, then this game might be for you.