Alan Wake 2 PS5

The PS5 Trophy list for Alan Wake 2 has appeared online ahead of its digital launch next week, sharing what looks like a fairly achievable Platinum Trophy. There are 66 Trophies to earn, which include chapter-specific gongs for making your way through the main story and then others tied to collectibles and puzzles. You can view the full list on Exophase.

There are some light spoilers if you're looking to view the full list — chapter and boss names are revealed — but you are also looking at combat-related accomplishments and some funny miscellaneous tasks. Nothing in the list suggests you need to play on a specific difficulty level or require a second playthrough, but we'll need to wait for the full game to confirm that. It looks like solving nursery rhymes will be an optional puzzle, while the in-game TV shows look set to make a return via the Koskela brother commercials.

Alan Wake 2 releases for PS5 on 27th October 2023, with catchup on the first game available in Fortnite of all places. Will you try to unlock the Platinum Trophy for Alan Wake 2? Let us know in the comments below.