With Alan Wake 2 at long last launching on 27th October, players in need of a primer on the events of the first game have a few options to hand: Play the excellent original in the form of Alan Wake Remastered, recap the story via Youtube videos or Wiki entries, or (most exciting of all), dive into the Alan Wake: Flashback limited-time experience in Fortnite, developed in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment. What a time to be alive!

Alan Wake: Flashback is live now, and you can access it free of charge by entering the code 3426-5561-3374, which is a pretty fun idea. Here, players can shine a light on critical events from the first game, refresh their memories, and prepare their minds for the trials ahead.

Are you excited for the release of Alan Wake 2? Will you be checking out Alan Wake: Flashback in Fortnite? Shine a light on the darkness in the comments section below.

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