Assassin's Creed Red Main Character
Image: Push Square

It's an admittedly tiny picture, but it's likely that this is our first proper look at the main character of Assassin's Creed Red. Taken from the LinkedIn profile of a Ubisoft writer — who's currently working on Red — the art shows a seemingly female character wearing a very Assassin-style cowl, and wielding a Japanese-style blade (upside down, it should be noted, as is also the case in last year's teaser trailer).

The discovery of this picture has sparked all kinds of speculation with regards to an imminent Assassin's Creed Red reveal. All we've seen of the project so far is its initial teaser trailer from over one year ago — and Ubisoft has obviously been focusing on the recently released Assassin's Creed Mirage ever since. Could Red show up at The Game Awards in December? It wouldn't come as a huge surprise.

Previous reports have claimed that Red will feature two protagonists: a female shinobi who focuses on stealth, and a male samurai who focuses on combat. The details on these supposed leads have been a little murky, but this newly unearthed art certainly lines up with the rumours.

What's your take on Assassin's Creed Red so far? How would you feel about dual protagonists? Hone your blade in the comments section below.