Diablo 4 Expansion Rumour

References to what seems to be the first expansion for Diablo 4 have been datamined from the game's latest test build. According to YouTube channel YbuBaKa (as summarised by Strakt on ResetEra), the yet-to-be-announced DLC will revolve around Mephisto — a demonic lord who already plays a pivotal role in the game's main story campaign.

The expansion is apparently titled 'Lord of Hatred' — or something to that effect — and will whisk players back to the Kurast region from Diablo 2. It's starting to sound like Blizzard will be weaponising nostalgia for this one.

And as expected, the DLC will reportedly feature a new character class, although admittedly, the details seem a little muddy. Named 'Spiritborn', the fresh class wields glaives and utilises abilities that draw from both nature and the spirit realm. We feel as though this supposed class overlaps a bit with the existing Druid, but it's obviously difficult to judge something that's only been leaked in writing.

There's also mention of raids and a new "mercenary system", although neither point is expanded upon to any notable degree. Still, is all seems quite interesting if true.

What do you want from Diablo 4's first expansion? Does this rumour earn your attention? Hold off on running a new character in the comments section below.

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