In essential Naughty Dog-adjacent news, Catherine and Hannalee Pervan, mother-daughter duo and co-owners of the One House Bakery (Benicia, California), have crafted a horrifying monument to the iconic Clicker. Famed as the relentless fungal zombies in The Last of Us series, we'd bet this bread one, slathered in butter, probably tastes pretty good.

Spotted by Eater San Francisco, the colossal fungal creation took the two some 400 hours to complete. The project is an entrant in an annual scarecrow competition where local businesses can show off their skills, with locals voting on their favourites. Does this count as a scarecrow? You be the judge; click the images below to see the finer details.

The owners of One House Bakery have a history of being awesome, deciding to one-up their efforts from last year (Pan Solo, frozen in carbohydrates) with this tribute to the HBO adaption specifically, and are big fans. Dubbed "The Last of Crust", according to Hannalee, part of the inspiration for the piece came from an understandable place: "Let’s be honest, we also fell in love with Pedro Pascal."

The winner of the Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest will be announced on 23rd October, a development we'll be waiting for with bated breath. What do you think of the Pervan's creation? Get fired up and bake some hot takes in the comments section below.

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