PSN Suffered an Enormous Outage Over Night 1
Image: Push Square

There’s a good chance if you were trying to play your PS5 last night, you may have been hit by some server issues. There was a widespread global outage during the middle of the night in the UK, which affected the peak evening window in the United States. All of the issues were resolved within a couple of hours or so, but obviously you wouldn’t have been able to play online-only titles, like the newly released Honkai: Star Rail.

Long-time PlayStation fans may recall server hiccups being a common issue in the early years of the PS4’s lifespan, but to Sony’s credit, it’s really steadied its infrastructure – and there’s rarely ever any major issues these days. That’s important progress, because as we alluded to above, more and more titles are relying on online connectivity in order to function these days.

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