Sony’s own DualSense Edge is a great controller for players who take their gaming extra seriously, but it’s not the only pro pad on the market. Nacon has long been peddling premium peripherals at super-serious players, and the upcoming Revolution 5 Pro represents its best effort yet. This will be going head-to-head with PlayStation’s official pad, and is looking like a strong option.

Of the headline features, the French manufacturer is promoting Hall Effect technology for both the triggers and sticks, which it claims reduces the likelihood of drift. It’s also pledging over ten hours of battery life – much better than Sony’s controller – as well as decreased latency, high quality materials, unprecedented customisation, and Bluetooth game audio.

The only thing we’re not overly keen on is the asymmetrical stick layout, but Nacon appears to think this is a selling point, claiming it offers “distinct ergonomics”. We suppose there are some strange people who prefer this setup, so we can certainly see why the organisation has taken this route in order to help set its pad apart.

The controller’s available in two colours: Triple Black and Black & White. It’s due out later this month in Europe, but those in North America will have to wait until December to put it through its paces. You can pre-order either option on Nacon’s website for €229.90 (~$242), so it’s a little more expensive than the DualSense Edge, but a potentially attractive alternative all the same.