Diablo 4 Poll

With the launch of Diablo 4's second season, the Season of Blood, it's dawned on us that the action RPG is over four months old. And in that time, it feels like the title has drawn no shortage of criticism. Controversial updates dominated the conversation around release — followed by a seemingly lacklustre first season — and although subsequent patches have definitely been met with a more positive reaction, we're left wondering just how popular Diablo 4 still is.

And so we have to ask: are you still playing Diablo 4? The title sits at a seriously impressive 91 on Metacritic, but the aforementioned criticism really started to set in when players navigated beyond the campaign and into endgame content. We would hope that those who are still playing the game actually enjoy their time with it, but again, it feels like complaints are always circling.

Perhaps this second season has brought you back? Or maybe you completed the campaign and simply never looked back? Have your say in our poll, and then be honest in the comments section below.

Do you still play Diablo 4? (2,338 votes)

  1. Yes, I play it frequently11%
  2. Yeah, I play it every now and then6%
  3. Kind of, I jump in from time to time but I don't stay4%
  4. I just came back for the Season of Blood7%
  5. Nah, but I might go back to it at some point18%
  6. Nope, I beat the campaign and haven't been back since16%
  7. No, I didn't even finish the campaign before I quit10%
  8. I haven't played Diablo 4 to begin with28%