PlayStation Japan has released its bi-annual hype trailer for a bunch of upcoming PS5 (and PS4) games, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth understandably occupying the headline spot. It’s flanked by an eclectic slate of software, including Armored Core 6, Tekken 8, and Like a Dragon Gaiden. While the list of software is a little slimmer than is usual for these videos, the manufacturer has still managed to squeeze in almost 20 titles in total.

The art and theme pulling it all together – always the most eye-grabbing part of these montages – is a little less distinctive in this instance, adopting an early 2000s cel-shaded style. Personally, we think PlayStation Japan has put out more memorable trailers than this one in the past, but the software lineup is still strong, and it looks like there’s a good six months ahead for PS5 players particularly in Japan.