Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS5 PS4

The Call of Duty franchise has a reputation at this point for demanding large slices of your PS5 storage space, and next month's Modern Warfare 3 looks set to be no different. According to Twitter account PlayStation Game Size — which scrubs Sony servers for file sizes — you'll need to set aside 140GB of SSD space to download the campaign if you don't already have the Call of Duty HQ app installed on PS5.

This is an application that acts as a sort of home screen for past Call of Duty instalments and works as a launcher for titles like Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2. This 89GB app is required to play Modern Warfare 3, and then the campaign comes as two separate downloads weighing in at 18.042GB and then 32.942GB in the USA. If you're based in Europe, you'll need 2GB more of space on top. When all is said and done, you'll be looking at around 140GB of data just to play the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, and that's before a multiplayer install.

As demonstrated by PS5, PS4 game Modern Warfare 2 last year, the file size can increase even more once the online portion is bolted on. As the campaign is playable one week before the official 10th November 2023 launch date via a pre-order, the same is expected to happen to Modern Warfare 3. 2022's entry took a 40GB update just before release to prime it for the multiplayer to go live, so if the same happens this year, Modern Warfare 3 may already be close to 200GB once it's officially out. It at least took 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare six months of service to even come close to that file size.

Of course, history has proven that file sizes can be smaller than what downloads state in the PS5 menu, so there's a chance you might not need to sacrifice quite as much SSD space as the Twitter account states. We'll be able to bring you official confirmation once the Modern Warfare 3 campaign releases on PS5, PS4 at the end of this week.