Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Is a PS5 Masterpiece, According to Super Smash Bros Maker 1
Image: Push Square

There are few better video game critics than Masahiro Sakurai, primarily because he’s made some of the industry’s greatest ever hits. And after a weekend of hardcore gaming, the Super Smash Bros maker has delivered his verdict on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: it’s a masterpiece. The veteran shared his feedback on Twitter, adding that he’d recommend the PS5 exclusive to anyone.

What’s most impressive here is that Sakurai also mentioned Super Mario Wonder in his message, and claims he beat both brand new releases this weekend. We’re going to assume he didn’t sleep on Saturday and Sunday, because it must have taken practically all of his time to get through the two titles in two days.

“It's a problem when the release dates of big titles you should play overlap,” he admitted. “The new games are amazing, and I'm grateful to [the developers] for making them.” High praise, then, from a bona fide industry icon. Do you agree with Sakurai’s comments on these latest releases – and did you manage to beat them both this weekend as well?