New York City is home to both Spider-Man and one of the more significant comic book events in the world, New York Comic-Con, which is on right now in the Big Apple. With the eagerly anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man 2 out this time next week (on 20th October), it was practically inevitable we'd see something from Insomniac at the show.

We got the live reveal of two additional costumes for the game, the Brooklyn 2099 and Kumo suits, which are pretty cool, and an extended talk with some of the developers. Who knows whether that's the only surprise in store, but we'll keep an eye out over the weekend. You can check out both suits, in their slightly abridged glory, below:

In shocking related news, Insomniac was inspired by actual lizards while designing Lizard, one of the more underrated members of the Spider-Man rogues gallery. You have officially been warned that spoilers have begun to circulate online, so take any steps required to maintain digital ignorance. Finally, in a poll of completely impartial Push Square readers on the subject of hype, 52% of respondents selected the "My hype is maximum, I can't wait" response.

What do you think of the Brooklyn 2099 and Kumo suits coming to Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Is your Spider-Sense tingling with anticipation? Let us know in the comments section below, and if symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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