Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Age Rating
Image: Push Square

As you'd probably expect of the series at this point, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be rated 'Mature' in North America. The ESRB's summary of the upcoming RPG paints a familiar picture, with mention of graphic violence and sexually suggestive content. But we couldn't help but chuckle at the description as a whole, and thought it was worth sharing.

It starts out in familiar territory: "Players take turns selecting moves from a menu to use punches, kicks, and weapons (e.g., guns, knives, swords) to defeat enemies. Cutscenes depict instances of intense violence: a montage of a man stabbing, slashing, and punching enemies (with close-ups and blood-splatter effects)."

It continues: "During the course of the game, players can visit hostess clubs to improve bonds between party members; players can select from various hostesses (dressed in bikini tops and hot pants) and watch them dance on poles." Hey, fair enough.

And then, the summary spirals into comedic territory: "One prolonged sequence depicts a man with exposed buttocks, as various objects obscure his genitalia." Won't someone please think of the children!

This sentence is clearly referring to the scene that was already shown in Infinite Wealth's reveal trailer, in which Ichiban appears to wake up on a beach in Hawaii, butt naked. And no, unfortunately for our hero, it's not a nude beach.

Like a Dragon is in an interesting place right now. The previously-named Yakuza franchise has always dealt in very mature themes, but it's also famous for its light-hearted and often hilarious side stories. With Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the property has veered into even crazier territory, and so we're eager to see how this sequel handles that all-important balance β€” something that's obviously reflected in this ESRB description!