Update: Just in case there was any shred of doubt, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has now been officially confirmed for PS5 and PS4 in the aftermath of Microsoft's event.

Original Article: Well, this is not the trailer we expected to see for Like a Dragon 8 — or, as it'll be called here in the west, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Said trailer confirms that the role-playing title is targeting an early 2024 release, and will, at some point, feature protagonist Ichiban Kasuga waking up on a beach, completely nude.

So what do we know about Infinite Wealth thus far? Well, it's going to continue on from where Yakuza: Like a Dragon left off, evolving that game's turn-based combat system. Kazuma Kiryu's going to be in it as well, presumably as a central character.

We'll no doubt see more of Infinite Wealth at the RGG Summit — the Like a Dragon developer's showcase — which is happening on the 16th June. Hey, that's next week! Oh, and Like a Dragon Gaiden will also be there.

Are you looking forward to Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and the return of Ichiban? For god's sake, put some clothes on in the comments section below.