Hunt: Showdown is getting a native PS5 version in April 2024, developer Crytek has announced, along with an engine upgrade in line with the next CryEngine update. These technical ambitions and more were revealed in a lengthy roadmap video outlining the changes to come, which includes the cessation of support for the PS4 iteration of the game. Previously, a 60 frames-per-second patch was released for PS4; this new version would allow 4K visuals, along with enhanced controller support and input upgrades.

David Fifield, general manager of the Hunt franchise, citing internal statistics and speaking about the community at large, says these changes should affect less than 10% of active users while enhancing the experience of the other 90%. A free upgrade path will be provided for PS4 players to the PS5 version, but by April 2024, support for the game will cease on the previous platform.

We thought the game was pretty great back at launch, admittedly back in February of 2020. Have you been playing on PS4 in recent days? Are you looking forward to a fresh start on PS5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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