Image: Push Square

Developer Housemarque, the makers of the excellent Returnal, is set to move into a very swanky-sounding new studio by the end of next year.

The team is Finland's longest-standing game developer, founded in 1995 and operating out of Helsinki ever since. In a new blog post on its website, Housemarque says it's looking to relocate to and establish — still within the Finnish capital — "the Nordics' most advanced gaming headquarters". The aim is for the studio to be both a "testament to our rich gaming legacy" and a "beacon of innovation and creativity in the Northernmost capital".

Calling it more than just a "shiny new office", brand director Mikael Haveri describes the studio's vision for a modern, and expensive-sounding, workspace. "With features like cutting-edge meeting rooms, proper audio studios, testing areas, and wellness spaces, we are creating an environment that merges Nordic sensibilities with creativity, aiming to attract the world's best game developers," the post reads.

As well as all that, Housemarque wants the new studio to be eco-friendly too. "Our revamped hub will champion green initiatives, ensuring a balance between technology and planetary care," it says. "As we embark on this transformative journey, we're committed to further solidifying our position in the world of gameplay innovation."

It all sounds fantastic, but we'll have to wait until 2024 before we get to actually see it.

It's not the only PS Studios team to get a work environment glow-up. Media Molecule's Guildford office has just received a total refurbishment, and Firesprite moved into a super-modern studio, much like the one described in Housemarque's blog. Going back slightly further, Guerrilla Games moved to a similarly swanky studio in 2021. It appears Sony is investing a lot into the work environments of its teams to ensure they're in the best possible conditions.

As for Housemarque, it currently has a few job openings, and may look to grow more if its new home is much larger. We'll find out more next year, but it seems like things are on the up at the Finnish studio.